Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ghan Holiday Day 3-4 - Kings Canyon

Before we departed in the morning we went to visit the camel centre and had a ride on some camels and do a spot of baby camel feeding.

Then the drive to Kings Canyon Wilderness Lodge.  Along the way we saw the impressive flat-topped mesa Mt Connor, which some people mistake for Uluru.

The Wilderness Lodge was a glamping adventure, with our "tents" more like hotel rooms than tents - they even had an air conditioner in them!  And the separate stand alone bathroom was bigger than ours at home!

The staff were lovely and cooked lovely food and even had special food for the kids!  However, the kids were happy enough to eat our food, so they didn't need chicken nuggets and chips (they ate the risotto entree that we had).  They even had their own dessert (which was bigger than our dessert) except my son was too sleepy and went to bed before dessert was served.

There was even a dingo on site!

In the morning we set off for Kings Canyon and did the rim walk - an impressive 6km walk that wasn't too difficult and amazingly the kids did very well and didn't need too many rests and did not need to be carried at all.  I was very proud of them.

Then we walked the shorter Kathleen Springs walk, which had a nice little billabong at the end of it. That was a nice wind-down for the day!

All the travellers who stayed at the lodge were very friendly and we chatted to them all during the shared evening meal.  I would highly recommend a day spent at the Wilderness Lodge - but a quick warning, it's not cheap!  And we were out of contact with civilisation for that whole period of time so leave your phone back at the tent to charge!

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